What makes SECOR different from any other food bank?

1. Faith-based, open to all: As a faith-based organization, our vision and value to our community is to help regardless of a guest’s religious beliefs. Accordingly, we come alongside those who are in need and hurting and do not require guests to participate in religious activities to receive services. We just want to create a sense of normal around their world that is upside down.

2. Dignity, Dignity, Dignity: We don’t hand guests a box of food and hope it works, they shop for what their family wants and will eat. Our free market includes fresh produce, meat, milk and eggs, and much more. This unique experience restores dignity in their lives while providing a sense of normalcy in the midst of the trauma.

3. No limitations to number of visits: SECOR is available to all our guests for as long as they need our help. We do not limit the number of times they can come for free food, financial counseling, financial assistance and more.

4. Clear vision: We serve the 45,000 families living in poverty in the suburbs of Highlands Ranch, Parker, Aurora, Englewood, Lone Tree, and more, 42 zip codes in all. This is a unique segment of poverty and we understand those unique dynamics which cause it.

What is a summary step by step process that a new client could expect?

1. Signs in when they first arrive and receive a number

2. They fill out an application.

3. They then talk with an interviewer to make sure they qualify to participate in our program (they must show proof of residency in the 42 zip codes we serve)

4. After the interview they wait until their number is called to be accompanied by a volunteer through the SECOR market to shop for the food they want for their family.

5. They go home and with their families, enjoy great food.

What part of Colorado does SECOR serve?

SECOR serves three counties Arapahoe, Douglas, and Elbert. Within those three counties we are able to serve 42 zip codes.

Other than the free food market, what other services does SECOR provide?

Through partnerships and our gifted volunteers; SECOR also offers:

1. Food for Thought: SECOR’s school weekend food program for children

2. Free financial counseling.

3. Individual and family counseling.

4. References for reduced/scaled medical services.

5. Affordable and transitional housing through our partners.

6. Once a month financial assistance.

7. Free Legal Aid.

8. Weekly free dental screenings and X-Rays at SECOR.

How many families does SECOR serve within the region that it offers services?

We serve approximately 1,000 families a month at our 3 locations. Currently, there are 45,000 families in the 42 zip codes we serve that are living below the poverty level. Our prayer and hope is to increase the number of families we can serve by the end of 2017 to 2,000 a month by adding 2 more locations in Aurora.

How do you qualify for the SECOR market?

First of all, individuals and families must live in the 42 zip codes SECOR serves. If you do, then those who are experiencing hardship are welcome to apply for food assistance.  Sometimes finances look good on paper but due to some sort of hardship families may be struggling to provide enough food to feed their family. We take your income and life experience into consideration.